Big hello coming from Ontario

Hi all,

New member lookiing to get deeper into 3d printing, only software experience so far as I havent been able to afford any hardware yet. Looking forward to discussions and connections with everyone!

My main interest is in printing minis as I paint them as well, and dioramas featuring said minis including silicone pours for fun diorama projects

For thous you probably want a resin printer with a high resolution instead of a FDM printer.

Welcome to the forum - glad you found us!

We have a great group of people who would be happy to answer any questions about 3D printing.

I agree with @Loosenut sounds like with what you are looking to get out of 3D printing - resin printing would be a better medium for you.

Let us know if you have any questions!

An addendum to my previous statement.

I just printed an “Ender” dragons head, Creality’s symbol I think, about 1 1/2" tall and it came out great. With a .12 layer height there are no really visible layer lines, even the very tiny teeth and tongue came out fine. So if a resin printer isn’t in your future a FDM can do it. Mine is an Ender 3V2 using Cura 5.4.

Okie thank you for the warm welcome and I’ll definitely look into resin printers