Bimetallic heat break causes clogs?

I purchased a bimetallic heat break (copper/titanium) for my Ender 3 Pro.

In short order, I have had two horrible clogs. It heat creeps so bad, that I had to torch the heat break to get the filament out after disassembly.
Both of the bimetallic ones did the same thing.
I’m currently back to the original Swiss Micro heat break, until I get this figured out.
Anyone heard of this? I’ve never seen filament stuck so hard.
Maybe a Spider hot end would be a better idea……

Try reducing the retraction to .2mm. Then apply some mineral oil to the filament with a cloth for about 30 cm from the extruder back. The oil has no effect on the print but it lubricates the filament which your bowden tube used to do before you installed the bi-metal hot end. I do the oil bit before every print and I have not had a single problem since.

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