BIQU B1 Filament Oozing after Hotened Replacement

I purchased a Complete Hotend Kit for BIQU B1 and with no changes to any of my settings, filament now oozes out of the nozzle when not printing. When I lift the Z axis, the filament will ooze out as the nozzle rises creating a tower of filament. In printing, the oozing will sweep across the print, creating unwanted quality problems. Turning down the temperature of the nozzle does not help. Bed leveling has also been done with no help.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank you

Yes, I have. you have to make sure the Bowden tube is in tightly against the bottom or it’ll leak, So when I take my tube out I clean everything of filament. I cut a few mm off the end of the tube with a tube cutter but you can use a razor it just has to be 90° across and not crushed. I back out the fitting one and a half turns press the tube in as tight as I can then tighten the fitting and that forces the tube down and makes the fitting dig tight into the tube.

the heat break and nozzle have to be heat tightened, usually this is the cause of oozing, crank it up somewhere above where you usually print and give it 1/8 if a turn.

Thank you Glenn. I did not check the bowden tube after changing the whole hotend assembly from BIQU. So I took the tube out as you recommended and cut off a small section, and that has reduced the oozing, but I still had some, and so I tightened up the hotend and heatbreak as Jason mentioned in this thread, and that along with a tweak of the extruder brought things under control. Many thanks.


Thank you Jason. There was a small amount I could tighten on the nozzle. BIQU seems to be using some type of adhesive on the nozzle and hotend connections in their latest hotend assemblies. Doing so has helped, and I also had to tweak the E stepper settings. I am printing a lot better now.

This is thermal paste to help heat transfer. Glad it’s all working out now