BIQU B1 goes black

So the little white tab that mates with a USB stick came out with the USB stick.
No biggie, I figure. I can use a cable or micro SD.
But the screen went black! The fan comes on with power-up, but that’s it.
Anyone have any advice?

I’m two thirds through this print for a hinge morticing template, and want to upload a slice for a vacuum adapter for the router and boom.

Can I safely assume that the photo you uploaded has nothing to do with what you are asking about, beyond being what you wanted to make the print for? Am I understanding that correctly?

Are you actually asking about this thing, in one form or another?

If it’s the white tab in the middle of the USB port that you’re referring to, it’s the support on which the electrical contacts rest. If that broke off, it’s very likely that your 5V supply line in the USB port is now shorted to ground. Without a 5V supply, the controller won’t start. The fan will, because it runs off of 24V.

If you can photograph a close-up the port itself, that would be helpful.

Also, I’m not familiar with the BIQU B1. Can you also photograph where this port sits in the overal scheme of things?


If it is the usb support tab thing, like Lego suggests it will create havoc with the low voltage circuits. Is it under warrantee still? I doubt that would be covered but it might be worth the attempt.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize the problem immediately and tried to reinsert the USB. This mangled the metal tabs and probably shorted everything out.
Here is a photo after I used a screwdriver to move the tabs away from each other and the housing.

Well, there’s no saving that one :slight_smile:

Try to use a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the four tabs straight (don’t try to pull them out, just straighten them) and also use a small screwdriver to push the two side tabs in. The objective is to ensure that no tabs touch anything else.

Once you’ve done that, does the machine start? On some USB port designs, the USB port has a current limiter that will save the rest of the 5V circuitry from destruction if the USB port is shorted. Hopefully the printer was protected internally.

If you can get BIQU to cover that under the warranty, go for it. Alternatively, the ports are common and (relatively) easy to replace. How confident are you with fine-tipped soldering iron?

If not soldering you can likely clip the whole mess off the board. This way there is no way way to short the pins. Assuming that un tangling the mess will resolve the problem. I would lean on tech support for a replacement. It could be a new board is needed or not hard to say.