Biqu B1 weird errors

So this printer as a whole is working really well but there is some weirdness. A couple of times it locked up in the middle of a print and Keith suggested I print from SD cards and not a USB drive and it hasn’t locked up since but I haven’t printed that part again (I was going to, but I loaded the Gcode for the job after that by mistake so it’ll have to wait until this print is done). But seemingly randomly I’ll get probing errors, also I noticed today that sometimes it doesn’t preheat the nozzle when it starts a print, just the bed, I had to adjust my Z offset because my first layers looked bad. I found that when I have had problems, most of the time it’s when I start one print right after another without resetting/rebooting in between. It’s unclear if I have trouble with subsequent prints when they are the same part, or I’m going to a different part. For example today I was going to a different part. My first layer was too high just in the middle of the plate. So I did a plane test and had failed lines in the same spot. I started ABL (it does this at the beginning of every print anyway) and I had failures (probing failure) so I reset the machine and it’s working fine now, so far.

I think whatever it does at the end of a print or at the beginning of the next it’s not resetting everything and causing errors.

Hey Glenn

A couple of printers I have i reset (reboot) them every 3 or 4 prints just as a matter of habit, I have almost exclusively crealty machines and its not all the same model. I’m suspecting its something of a memory leak in the eprom. Cannot confirm 100% as I havnt had the time to debug it but I would open a ticket with big tree, they are very responsive and do truly want to make their machines better.

Very good. I sent off an e-mail. they won’t be back at work until the 18th now though.

Oh ya, sorry, I forgot about that, my bad

Thats ok there is no rush, it’s still working. Another fan going though.

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and, how u solve it? i have issue with my LAYER FAN.
Thanks !

I replaced all the fans. None of them are any good and don’t really last.

thanks! ok so i need buy that 2 new fans. you use original Techtree ones or ure swap to another model?

I just bought a bunch from 3dpc.usually have at least 1 spare on hand. If your printer is under warranty contact biqu they will send you one but you have to take a photo or video of the failed one. It takes a long time though and for what it is you could keep them on hand.

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