Bl touch blue screen after install on ender5 pro

after installing a bltouch to my ender5 pro i get a blank blue screen on start up. i flasher the firmware for my board and checked all the conections . i think the breakout board is faulty . any sugestions

My printers don’t use BL touch so I can only suggest in no particular order …

  • reviewing the flashing procedure and make sure you have the correct firmware.

  • check that the BL wires are properly / connected

  • check the SD used to flash is still working ( SD’s do fail. Mine did…)
    (its best to copy the contents of the original SD to a GOOD quality SD and/or to a hard drive)

  • re-flash the original or correct firmware file (the flash file normally get renamed when the printer gets flashed so you may have to rename it back to the original name. the printer does this so that the printer is flashed once )

  • or wait for someone else that knows the BL touch !!

Have you checked that you have a working display without the breakout board?
I would check using the new and a old known working firmware to eliminate the breakout board and firmware as a problem first.

thanks for your help guys it turned out to be a bad firmware flash