BL Touch gone wild

Hi folks: BL Touch installed with Micro Swiss Direct Drive on CR 10S Pro V2. BL Touch had been doing a single centre glass probe until yesterday. Now it is doing (or trying to do) a 25 point touch which because it goes to 0,0 (left front corner) where the probe hangs beyond the glass edge and fails because it is not in contact with glass.

Suggestions please. Using Cura 4.12 slicer.

ps: love the direct drive!!!


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did you update your firmware where this happened? in your start G-code is there a G29? this starts unified bed leveling but it sounds like it’s not all defined in your firmware

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Sounds like you haven’t taken into consideration that the nozzle is not in the same location as it was before. You need to make sure that’s taken into account. I had 3DPC install mine so I’m not sure what they did but my understanding is you can either update your firmware with the new values or set a new x and y offset to compensate.

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I managed to figure it out by experimenting with G29 and G30 codes in start codes. Using G30 only and it is working fine now.