BL Touch install on Ender 3 V2 - Spacer? Springs?

So I purchased a BL Touch and installed it on my Ender 3 V2 using a spacer as per most instruction videos out there.

However, the BL Touch came with springs. I’m curious if some of you have used those instead, and what’s the use of them aside from spacing also?

I personally don’t use the springs they’re not necessary

are they for spacing? or for stability?

lots of printers come right out of the box with hard mounted BL touches without springs maybe it’s so if you don’t have it set up right and it crashes into the bed it’ll move up on the springs and your nozzle will just drive into the bed and hopefully not break your BL touch I always use the finger method when homing for the first time to make sure that you’re not driving into the bed you just put your finger under the pin when it goes to move down before it hits the bed to make sure that it’s working correctly if not it’ll keep moving down you shut that printer off right away

Makes sense. I’ve been having trouble with my BL Touch not completing the auto bed level. It stops eventually with the needle not fully retracting and then crashing into the bed without triggering…

I installed it with only a half spacer, now printing a full size (3mm) spacer instead but was curious if the springs would make a difference.

I’ve read about removing a capacitor on the motherboard but I’m not going to do anything just so drastic just yet…

you don’t have the cable plugged in correctly normally the reason for this you have to have everything wired properly to the board with the correct firmware

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always use your finger to hit the probe don’t let it hit the bed when you’re testing to see if it’s working

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