BL Touch Upgrade CR10S Pro

Machine is sitting waiting for LCD upgrade and Marlin. I went to the site, via link in 3DPC video, and got 404 error.
Does this mean I have to join Github to access the files?
Just a little frustrated, everything else worked as video shows except the link.
Does any one have these files?

I did this upgrade, followed the video, and all turned out well. Though i used tiny machines firmware for it i believe.

Use the 3dpc video for the wireing make sure your connectors are properly connected i kinda ran into a problem beacuse i suck at dupont connectors. And i used the teaching tech video for the firmware.

Github you dont need an account to download the files, but it takes a moment to figure how to download the files. Usually there is a button i think called “code” you click that, or something on the right hand side. I cant identify it from my phone atm. Sometimes you may need to go up the tree to download the folder, which can be done from the hyperlinked title.

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When i get home late tonight, i could message you the files i do have if you want, but they’ll be the same as found on the github.

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Thanks for the help, found the files and will try shortly.

Well I did not look close enough, these are hex files. Video does not cover this and I do not know what to do with these. Marlin update I can handle, did this to my Tevo. The files for the LCD I cannot find, to follow 3DPC and Teaching Tech’s videos.

IIRC i used prusaslicer directly connected to the printer to flash the firmware to the main board, and i dont remember exatly how i did it to the screen, but it requires a “formatted” sd card. Nothing fancy, formatted like a standard firmware upload by sd, though im not sure how critical it is to be formatted.

i’m between jobs atm, if i get a minute later ill review and comment on how to exatly do the firmware for the screen. i dont recall it being difficult though you do need access to the screen from the underside which isnt the most fun.

Dr., thanks for the information. That is why I was trying to follow the videos but the links now go to hex file format. Cannot see the way to do the LCD screen but I will try again after my frustration factor declines, maybe tomorrow. Thanks again.

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Just an update, visited 3DPC and had them flash the LCD and firmware. All is good now.
Thanks to 3DPC for being there and accommodating me so quickly. Thanks TJ!