Blank switch plaque for car

When I got my car I was always annoyed that there was a blank spot where the switches for the heated seats would normally go if I had them.

I thought I might be able to use the area like a change pocket or similar, but it is not deep enough to actually hold anything in place while driving…

So I finally filled it with a 3D print, now I’m far less annoyed looking at the useless blank slot!
Test version 1 fits well, now to figure out and make a better designed, prettier version!

Maybe one with a picture of a sandwich on it… Hmmm…



I just read where Fords new Maverick compact truck is going to have T slots everywhere and they will release the specs so people can print their own interior fittings. I have an older Escape and it has a couple of dovetails I could print things for

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T-slots everywhere sounds like my kind of heaven :heart_eyes::drooling_face:

I would love a custom printed adapter in my trunk to hold my work boots in place to stop them flying about. Hmmm…

“FITS (Ford Integrated Tether System) is a versatile integrated mounting system that allows rear-seat passengers to choose between available gadgets like cupholders, a storage/trash bin, a cord organizer, a double hook for grocery bags and purses and under-seat storage dividers. Ford says more FITS slot creations are in development and plans on open-sourcing the geometry so people can 3D-print DIY solutions to integrate with the FITS system for their specific needs.”

Last Maverick I drove had an all metal dash and a solid steering column.

all I want for fathers day is an idea of how to secure my fishing rods in the bed of my pickup so I stop breaking tips off them…

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When I lived up north for a bit all the cool kids had a custom rod holders mounted in the beds of their trucks somehow.
I bet you can come up with a better design than these :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: