Blender sculpting

Here is my first blender sculpting efforts. Never used blender until weds.

I’ve been at it for 2 days now off and on.
Feed back? Constructive criticism?

This was my first, just playing around with the tools, figure it’s a goblin?

Then I ordered a tablet from Amazon, and here’s my ongoing effort, some kind of monster I think.

Gotta figure out how to up resolution and use materials haha


That looks awesome. I’ve discovered sculpting in Fusion 360 it seems like a lot of fun and it’s changed the way I want to make some of my parts. And discovered Blender just the other day, damn days are still only coming in a 24 hr format…

I was using Mesh mixer, (similar but from autodesk) Looks like your getting a great handle on it.

I actually find it alot easier then sketching on paper oddly. It just kind of clicks.

Nice work.

Blender Guru ( Andrew Price) has some great you tube tutorials. The doughnut one is a good place to start.

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I’m running off to sleep for an early start so excuse the lazy pictures, but here’s how far I’ve gotten on the second character
Again areas that can be improved is always appreciated

The model is actually in 3 unjoined pieces, to make isolated modeling easier