Blown away by people's 3D creations in this community

I am super new to 3D printing, am just learning about 3D printing and haven’t yet decided whether or not I should get my own 3D printer, was thinking of just using 3D printing to print figures I’ve created in VR/3D apps. Started browsing some of the photos of things people have created – HOLY COW. Geez. Soooooo much creativity. Especially love some of the gifts people have been creating for loved ones and relatives (like bd43’s rose and Andy.wpg’s Minecraft ore cube). Oooooh, I can see what a delightful rabbit hole 3D printing can potentially be.

Thanks to all who have been sharing their creations. You are inspiring 3D printing newbs like me.

The best way to learn 3D printing, actually the only way, is to jump in with both feet and try it. There is a learning curve but you will be surprised on how fast you can get decent prints.

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Yeah what @Loosenut said. It may seem intimidating at first but once you get into it a bit and get a feel for how it all works it’s really not all that complicated. Then it starts getting fun! Have a look around Thingiverse or to get more ideas of the random (and sometimes surprisingly useful) models that are freely available. Then you start getting into the various facebook groups and patreons and whatnot for other models and before you know it you’ll have a backlog of stuff you want to print.

Maybe to dip your toe in find a local library or makerspace that have printers available and start printing stuff. You’ll get a taste and see if it’s worth it to you to get a printer (warning: this crap’s addictive LOL).


Thanks for the encouragement! And thanks for mentioning Thingiverse and I had already signed up for Thingiverse to be able to purchase a custom attachment for my Quest 2 VR headset a couple of years ago but haven’t looked around there yet as someone interested in doing 3D printing myself. And I just signed up for because of your post!

The Toronto library does have maker stations at some of their branches (including 3D printers) but unfortunately there are none close to me; going to one would chew up half a work day, and I’m short on time these days. I’m going to do more research for now, pay for 3D prints, learn more about both how to make a good printable object, learn more about the art of 3D printing.

And I can already tell how addictive it can be! I’m already having to restrain myself diving down the rabbit hole that is VR art. :smiley: Began when my husband bought me a Quest 2 headset for Christmas early in the pandemic, heh.

A problem with using a library 3D printer, if Toronto is the same as around here, is that they tend to limit the time you can use the printer IE: 2 hours/session . Not enough time to print much of anything. They may have a introduction class on using one.

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