BLtouch alternative , under $10

Saw this and thought it was worth a post.

ive seen it just the othere day, intresting.

I watched that a few days ago. Will it actually do what he says it will ???

I’ll stick to my CR touch, it works great.

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Hey @Jason

Annoying rants from that guy and I have no idea how his probe works - with all that talk about “open source” I’d like to see the design and some idea of the theory about how it works.

Anybody have a better link?


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looks like this will require additional research… looks great…
found some info another alternative, touch mi…

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there are lots of ways to do this but seems like a lot of work fleshing them out if I can instead just bolt on a BLtouch and be finished. this would be helpful if there was no such thing as BLtouch


BL/CR Touches are not so expensive that a second rate alternative is necessary.


it does take some digging around to get it going but I do like the alternatives are out there.

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Oh this is cool alternative, would it be better than using manual mesh making?