BLTouch not leveling

I just installed my BLTouch on my CR 10 V2. I have 2 of them and the first one is working perfectly. I did it on this one and when I press “Level Bed” it does the first probe then stops. Please help.

if you run a G29 in your start Gcode does it probe as it should?

What firmware do you have installed?.
In my experience, unless you’re connected to the Z end stop and Servo plug…
You might have to update your firmware or There are two states to this bed levelling process, with and Without heating the bed. And on the CR10 the bed is 350X350 I found that takes up to 20Min to heat up the bed to 50C so If you select it again and go back to the main screen and check to see if the Bed temp is going up then you will see Is the Prob Flashing Red??

I have the most recent firmware from Tiny Machines. I do not have the Gcode in Prusa set up to do the autoleveling. I couldnt figure that out. The probe is blue and red. I have the CR10 V2 and my bed can heat up to 50c in under 5mins. I go under motion and go to “level bed” and it does the 25 probe points. Works perfectly fin on on of my machines, but not on the other. Now the other one does have a bltouch from a different vendor on Amazon and came with the extension cable, which is Green, Red and Orange (not brown)