BLTouch not working properly

I recently finished replacing the control board on my CR-10 S Pro V2 (with BLTouch), as the mini USB port on the old one was causing shortcircuits. Before closing up I checked, if all connections were in the right place and correctly oriented. After switching on the printer, the feeler of the BLTouch is not released and the RED led keeps burning steadily.
Does anyone have a solution?

Mine was doing that. In my controls there was a bl touch menu with a reset and test function I could use that I dont know if you have. But I could reset the bl touch and pull the probe down by hand it would retract by itself. And that would fix it for a while. I ended up taking the probe out of the BL touch and cleaned some mold flash off it and tightened the set screw when I put it back and its been fine ever since.

If you can’t reset the probe in software maybe just unplugging it for a second would do the same thing

Hello Glenn. Thank you for your rapid reaction.
Pulling down the probe didn’t fix the problem. The RED led was switched off but no BLUE led lifhted up.
And homing the head just drove the head into the bed. And my slicer (Simlify3D) has no reset function for the BLTouch

the BL touch has 2 red blink cycles if it’s the 3.1 version there is a rapid blink and a slower blink and one indicates a wiring problem They have a manual on their website that has a lot of details. If I find a link i’ll post back

Thank you Glenn. That would be most welcome.

There is also this.

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Thanks Glenn. I’la l check out out as zoon as I van.

When I swapped my stock cr20 pro board to an Skr mini board I had my BL Touch do something similar, red light was on constantly but the probe didn’t deploy and drove the nozzle into my bed.
From what I remember the pinout for the bl Touch is different between the two boards so I’m pretty sure the probe was getting power but not data.
I believe the z end stop wires needed to be flipped in the plug as well because even with the probe deploying it wasn’t triggering the stop.

Not sure if any of this is relevant to you since I’m not sure if your board replacement was a direct swap or an upgrade to something different.

It was a straight out swap without upgrades, so no physical changes should required.

Hi Glen, would Arduino be able to reset the BLTouch and if so, how do I need to proceed to do so?
I’ve next to no experience with Arduine.

I’m pretty sure this control is in the marlin firmware somewhere already.
see here. I’m not sure how to implement it i’m sure these instructiosn somewhere.

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Hello all. from one of the members (sadly can’t remeber who :pensive:) I got the tip to look at “Nic’s Creality 3D Printer firmware & 3D Printing support”.
I’ve just finished installing Nic’s new contol board firmware and screen firmware and my printer is working fine again.
Thanks for this golden tip :raised_hands:


I’ve just run into a problem with the Z-home.
After setting it and then storing it with the Home button, it works well when I’m printing.
But as soon as turn off the printer, the setting is lost. Can anyone help me?

Don’t really know if this will work but after you set your Z then go to the terminal and type in M500 it might be one of the settings that can be saved that way.

Thanks Glenn. I’ll give it a try.

I had similar problem what i did was replace the bl and upgraded my firm to tiny machines which makes your CR10 V2 a safer machine re fire risk

link to bed leveling for bl touch cr10 (4) Calibrating YouTube

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