BLTouch options for CR-10s

So I have an OG CR-10s that now has a SKR 1.4 board in it, I’m trying to make sure I order the right things to install a BL touch. I assume that I don’t want the creality kit since it comes with some adapters and such meant for the factory board. Would these be the right items to connect to the SKR 1.4

I think this is the right cable with XD connectors vs the other FB and DU connectors. The only other question is do I need a 1m cable or a 1.5m cable.

I recommend finding a print that holds everything rather than using the creality kit you just need a extension cable that’s long enough I would grab like a 2 m or a 1.5 m if you have a little extra you can just bundle it up and zip tie it neatly and put it inside your case

In case anyone else comes along, I ended up buying the BigTreeTech Creality BLTouch kit as I came with the BL mount that bolts onto the CR-10s. The two items in my OP would do the job as well but you would need to print a BL mount.

I did have to move two pins in the extension cable of the kit as the stock Creality boards use a different pinout than the SKR servo connector.

Also I had to pull the latest SKR marlin firmware from the Bigtreetech repo as the original version I had from installing the SKR would not work correctly with the BLtouch plugged into the probe port (known issue).

Once the new firmware was installed it worked first time!

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