BLTOUCH Z offset issues

I just installed a btt SKR Mini e3 on my Ender 3 with a BLtouch and I can’t figure out how to set the z offset. I watched a few videos but I still can’t seem to get it to work. The nozzle refuses to go low enough to print onto the bed. Any suggestions as to what I could try? I’m using the firmware from the btt github.

I read about where the Z home sets a bottom limit and the ABL system won’t let it go below the Z-0 height. on my printer that meant setting the Z limit switch a little lower.

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I kinda tried that but even if it homed the nozzle to below the level of the bed it didn’t seem to make much difference. So now I tried the other firmware to use the bltouch for homing and I’m still having that issue even with the z stop disconnected.

I don’t have anything else I came across concerning this. on the Ender teaching tech has a video that describes solutions to 3 specific problems. Maybe there’s something in there that can tell you what could possibly be telling it to not move down

Thanks I’ll check it out

I believe I’ve read that firmware can have soft limits that prevent the offset going below z0, you may need to do a custom build of the firmware to turn that off. The other option is to make sure your bed is above z0, then that wouldn’t be an issue.