Blue bin recycling in Hamilton Ontario

Anybody know if PLA can go into the recycling bin?

Or, what do you do with failed prints and support material?


PLA can’t be recycled with blue box plastic because it’s plant based not hydrocarbon.

I have a series of jars/bins in which I keep my waste sorted by colour. My plan is to experiment with melting it down and making filament out of it.

Sad but true. It stands up far better outside than I expected.

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I have a thread going on this topic, regarding the recycling of pla.
I’m currently working on a prototype shredder and extruder, it’s been slow going as I currently work 10hrs a day, frequently 6 days a week haha

That’s unfortunate. Maybe I’ll look into one of those filament makers I saw on AliExpress

I saw a 3d print you could make your own filaments, also saw a matching on AliExpress, a little pricey tho