Bond Tech direct drive clogging

I purchased a BondTech DDX direct drive in 2020 and have had problems with it clogging. I finally got my CR 10S Pro running and tried a small test print. The print starts out with very little filament coming out even though it was coming out fine before the print. Then after some lines, it starts under extruding. I paid good money for a device that wasn’t developed yet. The path out of the extruder gear has a small hole to feed the filament thru. The filament bunches up there.

The filament was PLA+. I was printing it at 215C. Too hot?

I hate to spend more on this printer, but would like to get it working. Any ideas about fixing this DDX, or a new direct drive?

I found the problem. Notice the pictures. The print starts fine, but as it goes on the filament is coming out less and less:

I think the fan is not working. It was working fine when I installed Klipper from Sonic Pad, but I didn’t check after that.

Any thoughts?