Bowden tube moving

While printing with petg, noodles are 220, I have pushed the bowden tube out of the pneumatic filling at the extruder. Changed the tube, changed the fitting, made a thicker clip. Help! Thinking of taking and installing the extruder on top of the hot end!

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HI Mike

Yes this is a problem for sure, If you have replaced the tube and the fitting something is not right there for sure. Is it possible that the tube is too short and its pulling it out of the fitting?

Maybe there is some type of contaminate in the fitting or the hot end?


I highly recommend the microswishdirect drive with all metal hotend that gets rid of heat creep and jamming issues you just need to remember not to retract over 3.8

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I replaced both ends and the tube on my Ender-2 (v2) with a kit from TH3D.

Much better (so far) than the original. Seems more solid.
TH3D has a good video on how to install the kit which was encouraging for a novice prior to purchase!

I tried to find a similar kit from 3D Printing since they are my main supplier but could not find it.
Not sure if they have a kit. The parts section of the 3D Printing website is a bit overwhelming as well so I could have missed it.

The shipping would have been faster and cheaper from 3D Printing.

I had similar problem, bowden tube pulling out, put a tie wrap around the release on top of the PTFE fitting. The wrap is wide enough to push up on the flange to force the fitting to bit harder into the bowden tube. Not had a problem since.

Those fittings are just a bad choice for the job they have to do. I highly recommend this fix. The collet’s tapered threads cause it to grip both the tube and the coupling holding them firmly together eliminating the movement that eventually leads to the tube being released altogether. Filament Tube Fixing Parts by asimomagic - Thingiverse

@ronatartifact thanks for the feedback, We actually don’t do many Kits, we kind of just list parts as what’s available.

I do like the idea though, provide all the parts as a kit to do a specific job, let me see if we can do something like this.

On a side note, I am liking the feedback we are getting from our customers on how to improve our service to you.

Jason H

to be honest with you guys from my experience to get rid of Bowden tube issues all metal hotends are definitely the way to go. No matter what route you take I find for anything with a 20/20 extrusion where the belt runs through the extrusion from the top or side the micro Swiss direct drive with all metal hot end kit is pretty much flawless in my opinion.There are other options out there but they’re a lot more work and headache I tend to go for what just works and is easy to work on. micro Swiss has done their due diligence to make sure it’s functional and easy to work on if you look at a prusa for example do something in the hot end on one of those machines tell me how fun that experience was.

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