Bowden tube replacements

I see 3dpc doesn’t have this tube in stock for the B1 I wonder if the Capricorn tube would work?

What ever white tube that was in my CR6 melted/deformed a bit when I printed a lot of PETG at 240C. I replaced it with blue capricorn. After 100+ hours of PETG with capricorn I have no problems…

I don’t think you need capricorn if you only do PLA.

I think it’ll fit so ordered some its in the cart i just wanted confirmation it would fit. I hope it works well for me too

I think it should work for you @Glenn, I think the 1.75mm bowden PTFE and Capricorn tubes are a standard diameter across a few printer manufactures.

The Ender 3 and B1 seem very similar, Capricorn fits well on my ender 3, I think you’ll be safe.

Hello Glenn

Yess i’m out of stock on the Black Factory PTFE tube:

I Agree with @kyklist I use the Capricorn TL myself. I used to use the XS on all my machines, however when i get to test filaments from around the World. A Lot are not Dimensionally correct and are too thick , jam up inside the tighter XS, and pop the Air line fittings!!

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Oooo, I didn’t know that difference between the XS and the TL.

Sounds like I should try the TL out. Are there any other differences?

No issues. No problems with Capricorn blue on my CR6 & QQ-S for > 100 hours each for PETG @ 240c.
I feel comfortable with Capricorn blue for PETG, ASA, ABS.

Just looked now:

( I just realized I don’t know if I have TL or XS…)
Both Capricorn XS and TL are great for standard filaments.
XS: inner diameter 1.90 +/- 0.05. Better for flex material. Not good for oversized filaments.
TL: inner diameter 2.00 +/- 0.05. Better for abrasive materials.

Generic white: Lower melting point, inconsistent dimensions and inside tube is often slightly oval and not round.

I’m ordering the TL version. My bowden tube is pretty short but the bends can be tight. I also will have to old OE one if I need it for TPU

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I just checked and I ordered the XS type in January. I ordered it with other parts when my CR6 was down. The XS type is working well for me but I just use PETG and soon some ASA.

For TPU the TL version will be better than generic white OE tubing in most cases.

It appears the TL version is the better all round tubing.

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