Brim problem and I need more characters for this title

I usually print with a brim, cheap insurance and have good results.

Lately when I take the part off of the bed the brims just unwind like the strings have not fused together, before this they were solid. They do appear to have stuck to the bed and the parts as well. The parts themselves print OK. I have tried printing with different brands of filament, just to see if it is just one roll and it is the same for all. I have also been using the same setting as before this started happening. I did try printing the brim at a slower speed but no joy. Cura doesn’t have many settings for brims to try so I’m out of ideas.

Hi @Loosenut

My first initial Knee jerk on it is maybe the first layer is a little high, I’ve had it happen a few times and just needed to move my baby step down 1/4 of a mm.


I’ll give it a try but I haven’t changed it from where it was before. It could be possession by an evil soul that failed to pass over or a mischievous poltergeist.

Is it only the brim or does the first layer of the print also have gaps?
Maybe try stopping the print after the first layer to see if the whole thing pulls apart or just the brim.
If it all pulls apart then I would think that Jason is onto something with needing to get the nozzle down further.

However, I have had the same sort of thing with brims before even when the rest of the first layer looks perfect. I don’t know if Cura does something weird like reducing the flow for brims.

My gut says its an issue with Z as well. The brim is very sensitive to height. If it is off it will show before the print does.

Keep in mind that you may not have changed it, but printers are all subject to vibration and loose(r) bolts like the bed levelling screws can gradually work their way out of position.

Thanks! I will clean the glass, re-glue and level the bed including checking the Z offset. I just haven’t had time this week, the wife unit decided that it was a good time to fall down and hurt herself so I have been somewhat preoccupied. I will get back to it as soon as possible and let you guys know.