Broad vs narrow nosed nozzles - pros and cons?

What is the difference in prints with broad and narrow nosed nozzles? I have a 0.4mm broad-nosed nozzle that I’m experimenting with. I don’t recall where I got it (in a kit of nozzles I think). In some prints it provides a better surface layer than the narrow (similar to ironing without ironing). I would like to try a larger size (0.6 or 0.8) but cannot find one. Any ideas/recommendations?


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I like the flat nozzles my self

not sure what printer you have but if you are going to make these don’t have the end of the nozzle end in a cone around the hole. the material will wear away quickly. if the holes come out on a flat surface (like the one on the left) they will last longer and wear more evenly.

I know that this kit has some of the flat tip nozzles.

Also the MK8 hardened .6 nozzles I buy from 3DPC are the flat tip.

I personally don’t use the mk8 nozzles they are a bit more costly and a bit harder to come by than the v6. Lately I have been using an x nozzle for a while and I like it quite a lot. It just needs a little extra time to warm up.

I don’t know what options for vanadium steel nozzles in the mk8 but I’d take a look. E3d x and zodiac are both offering such things. Mine is almost not worn at all after a roll of glow and most of a roll of cf.