Browsing BlackFriday deals and spotted PETG+/PETG+ CarbonFiber Is this new?

Hello I’m a new user here but have been buying from 3DPC for over 2 years. I mainly print carbon Petg in bulk for my print shop and was just surprised to see a new line of PETG+ products while browsing the black Friday deals just now.
I am curious if anyone has bought some, tried it and what the differences are from the original 3dpc petg.
I already bought 2 rolls of the carbon fiber version to try it out and am very excited about it. It also looks like it comes in a cardboard spool which is so much better for the amount of rolls I go through! Good move from 3dpc there.

Anyway, I hope you all find some good deals and wish you all a good weekend with perfect first layers

Hi there! Thanks for posting!

The original Carbon Fiber PETG is very popular and it is made in China. The PLA+ and PETG+ line are made in Canada and print very well. As a matter of fact, we have around 5 rolls printing in the store while we speak (a variety of different filaments from this line).

We would never get rid of our Standard line as its been in our lineup since our inception, however, we wanted to add a Made-in-Canada product featuring cardboard spools for our clients. One thing that is for sure is that the PETG+ will require a slightly hotter temperature to print so I recommend printing a temp tower to dial in your desired print temperature and finish (matte or shiny).

Thanks for your comments and we appreciate the continued support!

That is the best answer I could have hoped for. I’m all for this made in canada initiative, I love cardboard spools and can’t wait to test it out.
The last batch of 25 carbon petg that I bought has been highly inconsistent between spools and has caused me huge delays in my printing schedule. I cannot adjust settings and test prints for each new spool with hundreds of presliced gcodes and regardless of the tests and tuning I do I am unable to get consistent prints. The main problem is stringing, but there is serious underextrusion on more than half the spools. I tried drying at different temps and times and mostly no change in quality. I am beyond disappointed.
As a comparison, my last batch of 25 spools was flawless, no need to change any settings, on any of my printers when changing spools.
Anyway all that to say I am looking forward to the new Blend of carbon Petg +