Buying a new 3d printer

Hello everybody, help me to find a 3d printer for less than 3000$
I’m looking for buying or modify my ender 6 to print ENGINEERING FILAMENTS
300300400mm Build Size
Linear Rails
Dual Independent direct Extruders Hotend 500C
Filament Runout Sensor
Power Loss Recovery
heated bed 120C
Magnetic Flexible PEI Sheet
Auto Bed & Gantry Leveling
7in touchscreen
HEPA Air Filtration
Advanced 32bit electronics with web control interface

thank you for any idea

Jean , de Val-dOr

I have an Dual Extruder 3D printer from here. Easy to set up, easy to print, and low cost in my opinion. It’s like dummy proofing 3d printing. The only time I’ve had a print fail is when I didn’t take the time to check the bed level before starting.