By far, the heaviest, strongest, 3D print I've ever made

I recently purchased (Black Friday deal) a Creality Halot One Pro resin printer, and the UW-01 wash/cure machine to supplement my printing capabilities.
I know both of these models are a few years old now, but their capabilities are perfect for what I need.
As I’m sure everyone knows, bench space is often at a premium, and I don’t have the room to keep them on the bench at all times - that space is reserved for my FDM printer.
I didn’t want to permanently add to my bench, so I decided to make a 12" X 12" platform that I could install and remove, without fasteners, very quickly.
I designed two brackets, one to be screwed permanently to the bench, and a mating bracket to be screwed to the shelf. I utilized sliding dovetails as the method of holding them together.
Not being an engineer, I have no way to calculate how strong it needs to be, so I have to overengineer it. I call it “Hillbilly engineering” :slight_smile: To that end, I decided on 70% infill with M3D Carbon Fiber PLA that I purchased from our hosts here. They used about 800g of filament.
30 hours of printing, and about an hour of filing mating surfaces, these things are awesome! Strong as hell, and they sound like bricks when you clack them together. After I got the two sliding together, I lubricated them with a plastic safe lubricant, and the click when they slide home is very satisfying.
This afternoon’s job is to mount them and try out the shelf, but here’s a couple of pictures:


Love it, that’s awsome, thanks for sharing

Worked pretty well! :slight_smile:
I knew that, no matter how tight I made the tolerances, the shelf would sag down because its 12"x12". So I made two M16 screw jacks that are mounted on the lower edge of the shelf, to counteract the rotation of the bottom edge toward the bench. The level shows it working as envisioned.
Now, all I have to do is paint it…
Overall, a successful project. :+1: