C-R Laser falcon not cutting

Hi, I recently bought a Creality laser falcon, and when I received it I put it together with no problems and everything was going great. When it finally came to start cutting, I put in the already preloaded file in, and pressed the button. Nothing. I waited for a minute, to see if it would start. nothing. I pressed the button again. Still nothing. I have no idea what is wrong but if anyone could help that would be great, thanks.

Hi @antsriondel

thanks for reaching out. I have seen a couple of these and look pretty cool.

Does it have a “test” or “focus” mode where you can turn on the laser without having to run a full print?

I would try to test the laser independently of the print and test function. Does it have to home before it prints? is it able to be home?

Yes, so when you press the button it should start the homing process, and then it should outline where it is going to engrave. The thing thing with this is that I do press the button and there is no response. Do you have any idea what is happening?

I just figured out that there where too many files on the T.F card that the engraver could not read, and that fixed the problem.

have you ever been able to successfully print on the laser?

I would check for voltages first, Check the power supply input selector, 220/115 selector would be my first check.

I am assuming you can connect a USB to is, see if you can get a response back from the firmware and ensure any M115 or M119 commands will work.

ahh, perfect, sorry got talking to a customer and didn’t hit post on my last response, glad you got it working.

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