Calibration Cube

Printed the 20mm Calibration Cube, what should my tolerances be? I measure on the xy 19.7+, can it get closer? Would that be too picky?

Ender 3v2

Honestly up to you. Its always possible to completely zero it in, but then things can get nitpicky.

Id save a hard copy of your settings and have a go at it. If it dosent improve then revert back to them.

Thanks! I was trying to figure out why my holes where a little tight but I think the biggest thing I may have figured out is that if the pole is 18mm, my hole probably should not be 18mm!

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Here is a good resource to calibrate your cube with.


You can get it as accurate as you want but how long will it stay they way. These are machines and will always need some adjusting. The more accurate you want it to be the more adjusting it will take.

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realistically, its all about what you produce.

.3mm is pretty close, over 100mm that’s a 3mm difference.

when I am trying to dial steps per mm I usually go bigger, 50mm box but only 3-4mm high so it still is pretty quick to print. The larger the print the more pronounced the error is. If you are using a set of callipers with only 1 or 2 decimal places its error could be as much as .1. @Dr.Marvin referred to the best calibration instruction set out there. Michael did a really good job on it.