Calibration Question


After re-leveling the build plate in my Noir I tried the test print that Peopoly provides. And I had several print failures:

Look into the vat and there are the missing pieces:

Anyone know what I have done wrong?

When leveling your bed: loosen the 4 screws, remove vat, home build plate.
When build plate finishes homing, place you hand on the plate to hold it in place -with light pressure.
Tighten the screws, set 0 home, then take a piece of paper and check all around the build plate to see if you can slide the paper under the build plate.
If you can slide the paper more than 1mm under the plate, loosen the screws, press down firmly on the build plate and retighten the screws, recheck with the paper.
If the paper check is ok, set 0 home again.

Sometimes a print can fail if the build plate isn’t clean - clean build plate with 99% IPA and a microfibre cloth. Don’t touch the build surface after you have cleaned it.

Also clean the FEP with 99% IPA and a microfibre cloth. Paper towels will scratch and cloud the FEP.