Canadian made Filaments?

I have always tried to buy local, Canadian products.

Eurekatec makes filaments in my backyard, PlA. has a few house brand made in Canada as well.

There is a recycled from electronic waste that is Canadian made but I simply cannot remember what it was, I am sure someone here will remember!

What other filaments are Canadian made? There must be far more than I know of!


hard to tell who the manufacturers are. so many are just branded.

@Glenn it would be nice to know where they are coming from but made in Canada is a starting point anyway. I don’t know how prevalent re branding is I would guess is isn’t as common as other things. Some computer components have 100s of brands and less than 5 manufactures.

I’m not a fan of this kind of branding. I suspect all the sellers that have a house brand are buying from a Canadian manufacturer. If I decide I can’t live without a filament it could be hard to find if the seller switches manufacturer.

Re branding is a fact of life. Like it or not it is unescapable. In my work it is super common, in the most extreme case there is one manufacturer in the world, they don’t sell direct, every thing is rebranded 100%.

I am just hoping to find more Made in Canada labeled Filaments. I know of two lines, and one I can’t remember. There must be more right?

I bet there are a few. I thought it was said in here that 3DPC filament comes from Montreal.

Brands exist for a lot of reasons and none of them is a benefit to a consumer or a manufacturer unless you are the only one that can make something. It would take a large movement on consumers’ part to move the needle.

Personally, I seek out companies that put their own name on the box for everything of consequence I buy. Especially for the business.

3dpc “house brand” is Asian. Nefilatek is what I was thinking it is Montreal.

Eurekatec maker and value (only some)
Nefilatek Montreal
Materio3D also Montreal

Materio3d is the one I liked using, we tried to reorder but they cannot keep up with demand. I have tried a couple of times to order the army men green direct from them but the order keeps getting canceled.

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@Jason supply problems abound everywhere. I do the ordering at my work and I have products that used to be off the shelf are on back order for 12 months. You don’t want to cancel but have outstanding budget issues. Its a nightmare. The constant shortages makes it worse. I tried to get some red petg a while back it was out. when it was back in stock I ordered far more than I needed just so I have some on a shelf.

The problem is some of these manufacturers make claims that they make their filament in Canada but I’m yet to see any photos circulating of their extrusion lines. I’m wondering if what they are doing is buying large rolls from Asia/USA/Europe and simply re-spooling it here which allows them to promote it as a “Made in Canada” product since most of the “value” is taking place in the packaging process.

Taulman3D out of the US does this.

Just my two cents.


@chris wow you really think that? I have worked in and around advertising my whole life. Would that not be a violation under the Consumer packaging and labelling act of Canada? I am fairly sure it would be. That carries a fairly large fine, 1/4 million or so if memory serves, other penalties as well. That is really serious.


wish that were true. it’s not hard to justify a Made in Canada label when the materials are so cheap and the post-processing can be adjusted to seem so much more expensive. sometimes all it takes is to buy shiny printed cartons to make the difference.

I don’t have proof but like I said I’ve never seen photos of any of the made in Canada extrusion lines besides Materio3D.

Source: About Materio3D

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interesting. In Saint Hubert too. where I was born heh

I just spoke to Eurekatec. They are willing to sell raw PLA pellets. The only reason why anyone would have raw PLA is they are extruding filament.

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Very cool.

Have you seen the new pellet hotends such as:


@chris yes I saw these. I have been paying attention to extruding filament. I dream that there is a reasonable cost (sub $2000) mostly automatic recycler there made new filament from scrap.

Currently the equipment is fairly expensive, bulky, and requires expertise. I personally don’t have space, or expertise. I have many things to spend 10K on.

I am still hopeful. I wonder if they will accept scrap?

each of my filament colors has a corresponding bag to collect failed prints and support material in. I don’t know if I’ll ever have enough of a color to remelt because now I’m not doing just work stuff that can all be one color seems to be the most developed ecosystem. 20K likely to get it set up and it is still a small scale.

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