Canadian made filaments

Just got the email that the filament manufactures out of Edmonton called Canadian Filaments is now open for business.

:slight_smile: glad to see more Canadian made stuff coming to market.


Saw it pop up on Facebook.
Yes, itโ€™s great to see some more Canadian made filament.


Matter 3D will be available in our store by next week - Stay tuned!


I caught Mr. Canadian Filaments himself streaming live on TikTok last night. He was showing off the spooling process and answering questions. Seems like quite the impressive one-man operation heโ€™s got going on there! I like how itโ€™s all on cardboard spools.

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The good news is our Matter 3D shipment will also be on cardboard spools.


I tried to build a list of Canadian made filaments before I would like to try that again. The Eurekatec in NS is made here. Filament factory is Canadian made also cardboard rolls. Canadian maker value is also manufactured in Canada. There is an another who name escapes me. Others?

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