Can't flash octoprint

I’ve been trying to flash octoprint using etcher and it always has this error. Something went wrong. If it is a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupted.
Any help would be appreciated.

Where are you getting your octoprint from? I’m in the process of installing octoprint as a test and becoming re-acquainted with how much I hate micro-SD cards.

Anyway, I’ve installed it. The file that I downloaded from was

It’s a few hundred MB in size but you have to unzip it first to get the 2.5GB 2020-12-02-octopi-buster-armhf-lite-0.18.0.img file.

It’s the IMG file that you copy to the SD card.

That is the site I went to? I did everything that you said? Does the SD card need to be empty? Does it matter how many gb the card is?
This should be simple but!

The card makes some differences a regular SD (no HC XD ect.) I would suggest 16 GB or so. It also needs to be formatted as fat 32.

I downloaded the file and extract and it says that the file is to big. I’m lost. Very frustrated?

How large is the file?

You are using etcher or similar to flash the card?

The file is over 2 million. Yes lm using etcher. I extract file and l get the img and it’s over 2 million. I don’t know why it is like this.

Please try and pay closer attention to what the computer is displaying. I doubt it’s 2 million bytes. It’s far more likely to be 2GB (Giga bytes = Billion bytes).

Now, 2GB is the one of the common sizes of SD Cards. So, based on what I think you’re trying to say, and assuming you are mis-reporting what the error message actually was, I’m going to guess that you’ve tried to extract a 2.5GB file onto a 2.0 GB SD Card, hence the error.

Use at least a 16GB SD card formatted to FAT32, as @kitedemon suggests.

Also, if my interpretation of what you are reporting is correct, it sounds like you are trying to unzip the file directly to the SD card. You should be unzipping it onto your computer and then using etcher to copy the .img file, now on your computer, to the SD card.

Of course, depending on what your error messages actually were, it’s also possible your computer is running out of storage space and you don’t have 2.5GB left on it to unzip the downloaded file.

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I think Lego is right! Being a photographer my assumption was you were trying to use a High capacity SD of over 64 Gb. I never stopped to consider the lower end. I don’t remember the last time I saw a 2 gb. That said 2 million bytes is very small file 1024 Kb is a million bits give or take. I have a number of STLs larger than this.

How large is the SD card?

I would suggest at the very least an 8 but a 16 would be better. Over 16 sometimes gets cranky because there are so many standards of SD at this point. SD, SDXC, SDHC, SDUC + To my knowledge only SD will work, and in the 32 there it is common to find one of the other flavours.