Can't remeber the Ender 3V2 firmware settings

I always have trouble remembering how to set the various things on my printer so I made a list of some of them, if anyone wants them. This is ONLY for the E3V2 with the Jyers UI firmware upgrade. All settings are accessed through the display on the printer.

Ender 3 V2 Firmware Settings, Reset for Jyers UI/ Marln Firmware and Cura upgrades

  1. Turn filament run out sensor on and set load to 420 and unload to 500

  2. Turn power outage on

  3. Calibrate Extruder - Esteps
    Extrude 100mm of filament, measure it and calculate Esteps
    Formula – 100/Measured extruded length = X
    X * Current Estep (default = 93) = New Estep
    Example – 100/98 = 1.020
    1.020 * 93= 94.86.
    Round off to nearest whole number or 95
    Go to Control/Motion/Steps-mm/extruder and set to 95mm. Save settings.

  4. Set flow rates.
    Print appropriate hollow flow cube by nozzle diameter. Calculate average and adjust flow rate.

Formula – Wall width for .4 nozzle (.4 nozzle with2 lines = 8mm)
/ Average measured Width = X
Flow width = X * 100

      Example -- .8 /.79 = 1.012
	          1.012 * 100 = 101.26
	          Flow width = 101(whole numbers only)

Go to Control/Motion/Flow Rate and set new flow rate.

  1. Calibrate X, Y and Z Esteps
    Print 20mm calibration cube. Measure X/Y/Z axis and adjust steps

Formula – Cube Axis Dimension / Actual Axis dimension = X
Current Esteps * X = new Estep

Example – 20 / 19.92 = 1.004
80 * 1.004 = 80.32

Go to Control/Motion/Steps-mm X, Y or Z axis and set appropriate new Esteps

  1. Calibrate PID
    Run PID autotune

Go to Control/Temperature/PID/Hotend/Set temperature close to normal printing temperature/Autotune - wait until complete.

Go to Control/Temperature/PID/Bed/Set temperature close to normal printing temperature/Autotune - wait until complete.

  1. Set Cura Gcode for auto bed levelling for BL/CR Touch

Open Cura/ preference/Configure Cura/printers (pick printer to change)/machine settings/Start Gcode

Below the G28 command insert a line and add G29 ; Pre-print levelling and close.

I’ve flashed firmware so many times I have a similar list burned in my head, and I’ll be doing it again sooner than later now that Marlin has input shaping.

One thought, why are you setting flow on the printer? Do you never change it for different materials?

Not so far. If I change materials I would redo it if necessary.

I think it’s a plug-in in Cura called material settings or something similar that let’s you store things like temperatures, flow, linear advance, and other values that change per material.

When I get a new filament I create a new material profile, then run calibration prints.
The values I get from the test prints get stored in the material profile. When I prep a print in Cura I will choose the material, then the slice profile.
For example of I’m printing flexible I might choose my 82a TPE which has different settings to my TPU. Then I chose my flexibles profile that has my speeds, wall count, whatever settings are generic for that family of material.
The material settings plug-in will override the temperature, retractions, flow, etc in the slice profile so that I end up with a slice of my generic settings auto adjusted for my specific material settings.

It’s a great way to make sure I don’t have to remember any of my settings and I just choose what I’m using from the drop-down.
It’s a workflow that has worked really well for me and I have a feeling it’s not very commonly used for some reason.

So far I’m only using PLA/PLA+ and I don’t worry about calibrating for different brands or colours like some do. It always seems to print OK.