Can't set a Profile Picture

I’ve been trying to add a custom profile picture, but it doesn’t seem to stay. Any ideas?
Getting Gravitar set up (which should be installed by default with Discourse) is also a good idea!

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Same here I upload a picture and it shows in the preview but doesn’t appear.

Seems to be a glitch in the matrix, I’m having the same issue.

Same, I agree with @paullowe - its a glitch in the Matrix…

HI there

I will forward the request to the webmaster to have a look at it,

Thanks for letting us know


@anthonylavado - Can you try using your gravatar and/or uploaded profile pic now?

Looks like it simply needed a bit of time to activate. I can See your Profile picture :slight_smile: Looks like 1 red & 1 blue car with a grey rocky background & blue skies with some trees aswell. Nice!

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Yep! All good. Thanks @justin!

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Hello everyone.

Sorry everyone, Due to amount of new users at once, it may take a few minutes/ hours for your profile pic to show!!

Mr. Keith Guitar, 3DPC

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