Capricorn Bowden Tube Coming loose from Hot End

I have had my Ender 5+ for 3 years or so

I have been having periodic issues with a gap forming between the bowden tube and the hot end which as we know can lead to disaster.

I had one significant incident a while back where the filament backed up and cause a large PLA blob on the hot end. Ever since that incident I have been having issues with bowden tube slipping causing gaps between the hot end and the tube.

I beleive the locking collar is stripped as I can’t get it to lock down on the tube at all. I make sure to push it all the way down but I can literally pull the bowden tube out with my hands

Is there a way to just replace the plastic locking collar or do I need to replace the whole hot end

Looking for some suggestions, thanks

Ever since

They should be available, Micro Swiss connectors shown.

Is this the quick connect collar that is stripped or the radiator itself?

I beleive the quick connect collar is stripped. I can’t get the hot end quick connect collar to hold the bowden tube in play. I can pull it out the bowden by hand a lot easier than I should be able to.

That sounds like the fasteners/grippers that hold the tube in place are buggered. If the threads on outside of the the connector and the ID of the radiator are still in good shape then just replace the connector. It is simple to screw a new one in to place.