Chitubox pro version

What are your thought on Chitubox pro? Do you see any pros or cons with the paid version vs free version.


I’m against all the paid or pro versions of slicers, but I’m just cheap ahaha.
I was going between Lychee Slicer and ChiTuBox for a while, and even debated getting the pro version of Lychee just to disable the ads!

Sure there are some nifty features in the pro version, like overexposed supports, variable layers or support types. But I really feel like all those options should be available in the free version, some of them are helpful, but most of them are meh…

The only reason I have both slicers installed is because ChiTuBox loves to crash on me with certain files and I don’t think a pro version will fix that for me.

I think that both of these slicers are independent unlike something like Cura which has Ultimaker behind it, so if I want it to get better they probably need funding, but I still don’t like either program enough to give them money for a pro version.


I really don’t have much opinion here, never having used ChiTuBox, or resin printers. Tom S posted a video on the new ElEGOO that he said it was part of their eco system. meaning that they have full control over all the pets, the good they work together perfectly, the bad you are trapped using ChiTuBox.

I really appose this mentality however it is hard to rally against. Especially with resin printers. My suggestion is buy it and use it. This experience could be very valuable if many printer companies run this direction.

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