Choosing a slicer for ender 5pro

hello I’m newer to 3d printing wondering what people recommend for a slicer compatible with the ender 5pro. my prior experience was with a tinkerine dittopro which only and tinkerine suites only supports their machines

Hi @two-mountains welcome to the forum

Commonly users will use Cura Slicer or Prusa Slicer as there are lots of tutorial videos on them out there.

Personally, my pref is SuperSlicer, (based on PRUSA slicer) but with a few more options.

Currently Cura and Prusa use the same Cura slicer engine so it is basically which interface type you prefer. Don’t know about super slicer, has it upgraded it’s engine ???

I like cura for the tree supports. Haven’t looked at prusa lately, but they didn’t have that option.
But ya, they are very close.
Never tried anything with super slicer.

Super is actually forked off of PRUSA which is originally based on the Slic3R engine so I would assume they are all pretty well the same in the back end.

you are correct that it’s pretty much just the interface that is different and some options are either there or not.

thanks everyone i started messing with cura to do some test prints and might try others once i know the printer is good

That was the “OLD” Prusa. Since then Prusa has upgraded to the Cura 5 engine so it is really now longer connected to the Slic3R slicer. Prusa is now based on Cura.

really? I did not know that. See learning stuff everyday makes me smarter