Christmas Tree with Lithophane

Hi all,
I finally finished my first version of a Christmas tree with a lithophane bauble. The original design is from “3d print bunny art” in the “Creality Official User Group” on Facebook. I redesigned it to add the LEDs inside and hide the LED controller inside the stand.

This is not perfect yet. There are still some improvements I would like to do to make it easier to assemble. Holding down the LEDs inside was a bit of a struggle, mostly within the star on the top.


I Like it, very nice idea

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Nice. What are you using for LEDs and how are you running the wires?

I am using one of the set we got from Costco. The little controller has a timer in it that the lights turns off by themselves about 6 hours after they were turned on and they will turn on automatically at the same time the next day.

The back of the tree has rings around the stars with 2 slots for the wires and they are held down with the white rings on the photo. The star on the top of the tree was challenging because of the 5 LEDs, lots of wires and limited space.

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