Cicular ring out of round

Hi! New to 3d printing. I’m trying to print a simple ring bracelet. First layer is not being put down round. There is a buldge. Please see picture. Any help is appreciated!

Have you calibrated the printer?

To further what @Loosenut said, a good place to start might be checking that the belts are tight and that the bed and print head move freely with no tight spots.
You could take that a step further by printing a cube or something square of known size then measuring it to make sure the print matches the model. If it doesn’t you need to calibrate your steps/mm in your printer settings.

You could try reprinting the file but rotate it on the bed and see if the artifact shows up in the same spot on the print or the same spot relative to the bed. If it’s in the same spot in the model it might be an issue with the file. If it’s the same spot relative to the bed it’s probably a mechanical issue with the printer.

It also looks like you had some under extrusion which is another can of worms.

Other then leveling it no. But now that you mentioned it im going to research how to Calibrate.

Thanks so much for the advice. I ended up finding the eccentric wheel on the bottom of the z axis? (the one that moves left to right while the gantry goes up and down) was too tight. It seemed like it wouldn’t roll freely when pushed it would “stick/bump” in a couple places. I’ve loosened it and i think thay will help just need to test it out now.

Seems like a good start. Sounds like one of your rollers has a flat spot on it if it was causing a bump/tight spot. Be cautious loosening the rollers to overcome that because it’s easy to end of having a spot in each rotation of the wheels that the carriage is too loose on the gantry which could juggle and cause more issues.
I’ve seen it on a bunch of brand new creality printers that the rollers were overtightened from factory and they all had bad flat spots out of the box. The only real solution is to replace the wheels.

Keep us posted how your next print turns out.