Cleaning build plate

Whats the best way to clean the build plate. I have a pei build plate and out of no where my prints dont hold anymore in the center. I have releved twice and used alcohol with a clean micro fiber rag. Is there anything else i can try?

What material and bed temperature are you using? For printing PLA on PEI beds I have always preferred going for around 65 or 70. It seems to help it hold a lot better.

I only do pla and have never had to do more then 60 for bed. This just happened out of no where.
I just did this test and seems just the center doesnt hold anymore.

Alcohol should work. It might be worn out, they do that eventually.

Make sure your z-offset is correct as well, its possible that the outside of the build plate may be grabbing it fine but the center dips just ever so slightly too much. Might be worth lowering it just a touch and see if it helps at all.

Used alcohol and didnt work

Ok. Ill try lowering the z height

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Try some Elmer’s glue stick a thin coating on the plate will definitely help

Try washing it with hot water and detergent, not soap. Laundry detergent works well. It happens sometimes. If that doesn’t work you can use fine fine steel wool and lightly scuff the surface to revitalize it.

Ok thank ill try that

Glass and glue never fails!

Im guessing it was getting to cold where the machine is so i raised the bed to 5 degrees and it seems to stick now

Great glad that worked for you! I originally started raising the temps up a bit because the magnet will suck a bit of heat out of the bed, always seemed to work a lot better.

For PLA I always print the first layer at 70C and the rest at 50C. It seems to work well.