Cleaning my bed Ender 3

I am using Isopropanl to clean my bed but it doesnt get the residue off completely?

I am not sure what most people use but I use Windex to clean the bed and 99% pure Isopropyl to remove any Windex residue. Isopropyl is not a cleaner like most people think but it is amazing at removing the cleaning fluid residue etc. Try Windex first and then alcohol. I do this with my PEI bed now since I got the printer and rarely have adhesion issues. I clean and then alcohol before every print.


Haven’t heard of using Windex as well as IPA. Gonna have to try that. Thanks!

Sounds interesting,

Usually I just use IPA and some elbow grease but this does sound like it could work a lot better!


As others have said, windex works great, but i usually just use plain water and detergent to clean PEI or glass beds. Works really well too.

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Any cleaning solution that works is great, the alcohol is the final wipe just to remove the cleaning fluid residue.

My PEI Bed has about 4 months of steady use and still looks like the day it came out of the box.

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Yeah I have some multi-year old PEI sheets and if you made me choose which one was new and which one was old I would have absolutely no Idea!

Very cool
I look forward to mine still looking new in my multi year future.

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