Clog from Hello 3D shining black PLA filament

Hi all, this is my first post here so please bear with me. I had a print fail half way through last night (8 hours). Woke up to filament chewed through at the extruder gear. This was my first roll of hello 3D shining black PLA. I noticed that this filament was quite lumpy and the shining particles could get quite big. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues with this filament?

Thanks everyone,

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Hi Aldabest

Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you here.

Usually the Hello3D filament is pretty predictable. I would have to ask though is it just a portion of the roll that looks “odd” or does it look like you could peel off a meter or 2 and have it go back to “normal”?

We can figure out what to do with the roll after that I just want to see if I can get you up and running again

Hi Jason, I took another look when I got home and realized that there was a bulge of filament that was getting stuck. I’ve posted a picture but I’m not sure how well it showed up.


Hi Alex

Yes, I can see it not an issue, Are you able to cut out the bulge and use the remaining filament?

that is quite a blob. hello3d is usually better than that! how odd

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This is my first roll of Hello 3D so I have no prior experience with it. The brand seems well regarded though!

I have printed a bit with Hello and its usually pretty predictable, that to me is the most important part of any filament, being predictable.

We get ALOT of random manufactures rolls of filament sent to us here to test because they want us to carry it and sell it in the store, I have seen the same roll go from 1.5mm to almost 1.9mm over a meter of filament. believe me I have seen unpredictable… lol. Needless to say these are manufactures we don’t carry.