CN Tower at 1:720 in resin

I am working through the design of a new model of the CN Tower at 1:720 scale, intended to be printed in resin. I’m currently test printing the spire to dial in the settings before setting up the more complex parts of the model.


Neat, can you show us an update when you have the spire printed?

Well it printed… with issues.

The Photon Mono X has the ability to dim the UV brightness, I think I’ll try bringing it down from 80% to 66% since my resin is a mix of Siraya Fast white, Blu transparent, and Tenacious transparent.

What is your reasoning for useing a mix of resin? (FFF user asking)

What issues do you see in the print? And how are you going to work around them?

I mix less expensive resins to achieve the quality of more expensive resins. I average $61.50 per kg with my mix.

The issues with my print indicate overexposure, so reducing the intensity of the UV should help reduce light bleed… the supports are fairly close to the model and they’re welded to the side of the column.

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