Collapsible katana with prusa slicer


im trying to make a collapsible katana in prusa slicer but the seam always binds to each peice. does anyone know how to fix this or make the seam as small as possible or remove it


Hi there,

This is an extremely hard model to print properly, and even well tuned printers can struggle with it, but it’s not impossible! The best thing you could do at this point would be to continue tuning your printer, make sure all of your flow rate, retraction settings, and e-steps are set correctly. You can also make sure that all of your axis are moving properly, tighten any v-wheels which need tightening etc.

I believe there is also a version of this model with slightly larger tolerlerances to make it easier to print, so this might work better for you.


thanks for the reply. i beleive my printer is well tuned i just got the belt replaced and tuned that so i dont think anything is badly tuned. i will look for the higher tolerance model and see if that works.