Combining objects,models

have run across some nice models that are collections of parts;
i presume this in most cases was due to the shorter z-axis printers in previous printer generations;
my flsun z is 410 mm and i desire to (re) combine some of these older models’ parts into a single printable whole;
i did this eyeballing it in cura and mostly got it right;
but then i saw a short clip on youtube where they did this in meshmixer; it didnt look very involved, some dimension alignments digitally , then ‘combine object’,‘print solid’,align,export;
does anyone here have experience doing this ?
is it as straightforward as that video clip suggests ?
any gotchas ?
(( both my printers are currently involved in long-running prints so i can’t try it out right now))

yes, It’s a pretty straightforward process.

Essentially you are putting 2 models next to each other and telling Mesh to “make one”

It really does a good job with it, you can cleanup and weird spots with the built-in tools.

I use TinkerCad online. It is somewhat easy to figure out and will combine the parts as one with little learning curve to make it happen.