Commission designing work

So i have an AdimLab Gantry-S which uses a MKS Robin Lite v1.1 and MKS Robin LiteLCD12864 V1.1 screen.

Id like to commission a new screen mount that also incorporates the MKS SLOT2 sd card extender.

Im not sure what the going rate for such a commission is, and am going to ask a few other places aswell to see if someone framiliar with this product wants to give it a go.

My goal is to have the screen mounted on the right side of a 2020 extrusion simmilar to how it is currently, but be enclosed, have access to the reset button and a slot for the sd card, and have the sd card reader (MKS SLOT2) fixed to the screen housing. I am open to it being positioned in about any orientation, so long as it results in being user friendly.

Is this feasible?

Ill keep this post updated if the comission is takken or if it gets canceled.

With the exception of the SD card extender, which should be a trivial add-on, it looks like it’s already been done.

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I agree with Lego. It looks straight forward. I would suggest it ia actually a good project to use to learn 3d design. It is intimidating to start and a long road to be very good. I would suggest downloading this model look at it carefully and think about what you need/ want. You can simply the idea by rather than trying to make something it replaces part make a piece the sits on top. Double sided tape or something to hold it. It is far simpler.

Fusion 360 is my choice it isn’t that complicated. There are tons out there.Matter control isn’t complex either. Sculptres is good for round things.

It might be the perfect starting point.