Comparing slicer programs

Why are some slicers better than others?

I have the creality slicer, CURA and the Pursa Slicer. I am using a Ender3 v2. I have sliced the same file and printed the same file three times in all the slicers and the Pursa one came out the best. Why is that?

I really would like to know more about this aswell.

I use cura for its tree supports, and prusa for its convience and ease of use.

As great as prisa slicer is, i dont find it does a great job at supports but that may also just be a user error.

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The Creality slicer is just an older version of Cura re-badged

Cure holds about 80% of the market, Prusa comes in next, the rest hold a few %.

Cura and Prusa are always changing, leap frogging on most items but over all Cura has more features and is updated more often. Prusa does have a couple of things that Cura doesn’t but Cura will catch up at some point. It is just a personnel preference. Some people think the layout of Prusa is better but I like the Cura layout better.

Some people think Simplify 3D is better then all others but it costs$$$$$ Others think Slic3r (that’s not a typo) is better, it’s free.

There are many others and some CAD programs now include a slicer function. Many CAD programs part files can also be opened in Cura directly, by using the appropriate plugin, without exporting as an STL or other type of file. If Prusa Slicer doesn’t do this now I’m sure it will soon.

I too find Prusa slicer produces better prints and faster prints that Cura. Simplify 3d is old and out of date. I fiddled with Ideamaker and matter control too. Each has its ups and downs. The real crux is they spend more time tuning specific profiles and materials cura at least the last time I opened it. It has been a while.

Prusa has added so many new functions for altering your model it is really showin the pointed users. Cura is pointed to industrial users who if the need to subtract one model from another, add different color lettering to a sign, punch holes, or simplify the mest they will use something else. Prusa slicer is pointed to the creative , inventive mins who are interested in printing things that the printer or software.

At the end of the day neither is better or worst just different.

@Dr.Marvin I use the tree supports in Prusa with the KLUDG export thing mostly because I have a far better tuned profiles in it. Have you tried it? Admittedly

it is a PITA but…

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I was on PrusaSlicer for the longest time, then I tried SuperSlicer, it’s basically PrusaSlicer on steroids, and I immediately love it.
So many options to tweak things, nice advances, like single perimeter top and bottom layers, etc.


I’ll need to give that a try.


I havent heard of that method KLUGE. So i guess ill ahve to try it out sometime. Same for super slicer.

@kitedemon I never heard of this KLUDG. Do you have a link?

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No I don’t remember where I read about the KLUDGE fix.

It isn’t hard:
add new printer select generic sla printer, make the bed the same size as your FDM. bring in model slice once you have the tree supports set the way you want.

Export object with supports and then bring it back in. Done.

It isn’t beautiful but works just fine.

The new supports are better so I am not sure it is needed as often.