Completely new to 3D printing - how to look for local makers?

Hi folks, I’m Dan and I’m in Guelph.

Wanting to print a large hydroponic prototype for beta testing. Was looking at the Creality CR-30 for the size of my item (3.5 feet long and 6 inches wide, hollow) ideally someone who has it already that can perhaps print it for me. I have SolidWorks files.

Not the most tech-savvy so any ideas what resources to look for - I called 3D Canada but they can’t print something that size for some reason.

Hi Tom, thanks for reaching out!

Here at 3D Printing Canada we don’t actually have any printers that can print parts that big. We very rarely get orders for parts that big so it makes more sense to replace that machine with one that would be more useful day to day.

You may want to check out some services like PCB-Way or Shapeways, I am not entirely sure what their maximum build size it but you may be able to get it done there.

Another idea would be to, edit the model to make the pieces locking in, you should be able to make a sort of modular system where the pieces could be locked together and then sealed with some sort of sealant around the connection point. Especially if you are doing something like hydroponics it would allow you to change around your setup. I know that some plants like different setups than others too so you would be able to customize it to your needs. Finally if you were able to make a modular system it would allow you to print it on a normal printer and would most likely be much cheaper than getting it all done in one piece.

Hope this helps!