Connecting Wires

So my printer uses JST connectors, and for the life of me i can get the female connectors to crimp properly.

I get the concept of jst connectors, where only just enough wire is exposed to be held under the first set of wings, and the 2nd set of wings grabs the insulation.

I bought a JST connector set from amazon

And here is the crimper im useing

Actually after relooking at the ad, this may be my problem XD.

Point still stands though, i cant seem to crimp the female connectors. Does anyone have a “prefered” JST crimper? Or do i just need to keep trying till i get it with the crimper I have?

Also what do you use for your wire connectoons?

I supposed you’ve already noticed that your crimper is a bit big for the job.

For JST connectors, I’ve generally just (carefully) used needle nose pliers. Most ratcheting crimpers are for bigger jobs and are a real pain to use for anything small. While there probably is a crimper designed for 32-36 gauge wire, I’ve never gone looking for one. Also, while the “ST” means “Solderless Terminal”, I still solder them. Tin the wire end first, collapse the tabs around the bare wire. Apply a bit of heat so it bonds with the pin. Then collapse the other tabs around the insulation. As long as you didn’t go nuts on tinning the wire, it will still fit in the connector.


Ill give that a try later today.

I tried relooming my wire bundles and clipped a wire, so one way or another ill have to fix them. Worst case ill tie them and solder them. Luckily its not a wire that should move or need to be changed again.

Also Mr.Lego, i really appriciate all you do for this forum :slight_smile: keep up the good work.

I have exactly those crimpers, well the name is different but… I found them to be too large really, awkward. I started soldering them first then using the crimper. The stopped the crimper and using small chain nose pliers. (jewellers pliers meant for chain loops not quite needle nose not quite duck nose, I use them a lot.)

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I have this crimper and no issues with JST or Dupont. It takes a little getting use to in inserting the connector properly, but it crimps perfectly for me.


I second this, that unit replaced two I was using previously.

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Thanks for the link. I have the same style crimper for MC4 connectors but I didn’t know they made them for JST or Dupont sizes. I’ve added it to my shopping cart for my next Amazon purchase.

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I still solder the crimpers are just awkward for me. I am 6’4 and 270 I have big mitts.

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I think the reason this crimper works well is the die is narrower at the end at 4mm for the JST and Dupont connectors. If it were any wider, the die would crush the connector itself, which is what the others have when they say they are good for 28 to 18 AWG wire. I have been crimping jumper cables, stepper motors, and ribbon cables to JST and Dupont for my Arduino projects which are mainly 26 AWG? I’ve not tried 24 AWG onto JST which might not fit into the narrower die, in which case it could crush the pin.

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Indeed. I had put the crimpers you referenced into my Amazon wish list for a future purchase but then realised it’s really just the die I need given that my MC4 connector crimper is the same fundamental crimper with a changeable die. I’m now on the hunt for a relatively cheap die set, but as I posted earlier, for the really small pins, needle nose pliers have been working for me for years.

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I use the ENGINEER PA-09 for 2.0 and 2.54 crimping and like them a lot. Amazon or Adafruit sell them. I’m not sure if Digikey does.

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This is the crumpet that I use.
IWISS IWS-3220M Micro Connector Pin Crimping Tool 0.03-0.52mm² 32-20AWG Ratcheting Crimper for D-Sub,Open Barrel suits Molex,JST,JAE,TYCO-E


I use this at work:

You might get by with this for Much less: