Connection to CR10S-Pro V2 fails

Hello all.
Both usb port and sd-card holder on my CR10S-Pro are failing.
The usb port will no longer make a stable connection to my laptop and the sd-card holder won’t lock the sd-card. Can anyone sugest a lasting solution?

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You may be a little bit boned there.

Mine came used with a bad sd card slot. It wouldnt retain the sd card and out spit it right out.

My solution was i removed the springamathing inside the sd card slot (you have to open up the bottom of the case and access the board). With that removed i was able to place the sd card in there. It acts as a push in, pull out sd card slot now, though its a bit loose. So my final solution for that is to use an sd card extender which i have taped to the case.

With the sd card extender i think ot kinda tricks the board to think there is an sd card in there, so when changing cards without shutting down the printer i do have to move the extender (so it unmounts and remounts). Its not perfect but works.

Alternativly i may suggest going with octopi if you can manage 1 more good connection with the usb port.

I would have changed the board if it wasnt so expensive, or if the ribbon cable wasnt so particular i would have upgraded the board.

Thank you for the tip. I’ll go looking for a sd-card extender. It would be great, if Icould get the usb port working without having to replace the mainboard. :pensive:

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I cant give you more specifocs on how i removed the springamathing, but look around on youtube/google for how these sd card slots work.

It wasnt too difficult, but it is assuming the sd card slot is working, just wont retain the card.

Worst case you may need to change the board but this is a cheap alternative.

If you’re comfortable with soldering, go to Value Village or something of that ilk and buy an old usb keyboard or mouse. Cut the cord off. Un-solder the USB connector on your controller board and solder in the USB cord.

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If it’s under warranty contact tech “we don’t care” support and have them send replacements.

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Alas, it’s no longer under warranty, so that will be no solution. :sob:

Sorry, I am firm in the feeling that many of the cheap printer manufacturers need to stand up and take responsibility for the products they sell. It is infuriating. I was helping an acquaintance the other day and saw what i took to be a counterfeit electrical approval. This from one of the large companies! its approved to CSA standards by UL. LOL CSA is a company not a standard ridiculous. It should have been cUL Canadian standard by UL. Clone parks clone approvals, unbelievable.